Bnei Akiva of NY & NJ is a regional chapter of the worldwide, religious zionist, youth movement Bnei Akiva. Our chapter's mission is to inspire a more fulfilling life through Torat Yisrael, to instill a passion for the State of Israel, and encourage a deep commitment to the Jewish People. We hope to accomplish this through a wide variety of informal and experiential educational programs.


Bnei Akiva members strive to infuse their lives with the value of Torah V'Avodah, combining Torah and religious observance with active contributions to the Jewish community and greater society. BANY/NJ empowers our youth to become leaders who assume responsibility for their community, take initiative towards those ends, and aim to actualize the ideals of Torah V'Avodah through the promotion of religious Zionism.


Learning. We engage our participants to be actively involved with Judaism and Israel through experiential programming and learning.


Living. We offer opportunities to our participants to transform their values into action by taking principal responsibilities, which help shape their lives as confident Jewish leaders.


Loving. Our value-based community fosters a healthy social environment where our youth can cultivate a love for Torah and Israel.